Painting Holidays with Bettina Schroeder
Newcomers and Seasoned Painters Very Welcome!

Bettina Schroeder has been teaching and running her renowned painting holidays for more than 20 years. Her enthusiasm and expertise have helped hundreds of painters, beginners and more advanced students alike, to new levels of pleasure and satisfaction in their work.

In a variety of stunning locations Bettina shares her wealth of knowledge, offering tips and professional secrets to help you improve your painting. Whether in the dunes of the Moroccan desert, the ancient landscapes of Sicily, the verdant hillsides of Devon or the breathtaking mountains of Tuscany and Scotland, a Bettina Schroeder Painting Holiday offers you much more than just a beautiful landscape.

You can enjoy a Bettina Schroeder holiday in:

Knowing how important it is for painters to feel they have distilled the essence of a place in their work, Bettina strives to provide a genuinely authentic experience. She encourages the observation of regional culture and history, promotes locally sourced foods, and makes full use of the local knowledge of her international contacts.

A painting holiday with Bettina Schroeder will help you make the most of your abilities, and develop your own approach to brushwork, composition colour and so on. But most of all it will let you enjoy the sheer, simple pleasure of painting.

Click on the above video to watch a short film of the Moroccan holiday.

In 2017/2018 Bettina is going to the following locations: in the UK there’s Devon and Scotland, in Italy there’s Cotto, Tuscany and Sicily of course, in Portugal there's the Algarve, and for the more adventurous there’s Morocco.

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Bettina Schroeder

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Bettina Schroeder

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Your Reviews

"I achieved so much and had a lovely introduction to painting."

"It was an especially fabulous course."

"You are really an inspiration, everyone was happy with their work. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already."

"I came back from holiday, enthusiastic and inspired."

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