Bettina Schroeder

Bettina Schroeder

Bettina Schroeder is a practising artist whose work is regularly exhibited throughout Europe and America, most recently in Santa Fé, USA, Zurich, Switzerland and in London. She organized her first painting holiday in Wales in 1987. Such was its success that she has arranged painting holidays ever since, and steadily broadened the choice of locations for her courses. “Bettina is an exemplary teacher”, said Nicholas Shakespeare in The Telegraph Magazine.

After studying at the Free University of Berlin, German born and educated Bettina moved to London in the 1980s, where she later studied sculpture at the Camden Institute. Her work ranges from watercolour to oil painting, sculpture and photography. When not travelling, Bettina works from her London studio in Shoreditch, painting a wide range of subjects, preparing exhibitions and completing commissions.

Her love affair with watercolour began when she came to the UK, the ‘motherland’ of that medium. “Although I like working in different ways depending on the circumstances, I have very strong feelings for painting in watercolour. It gives me the freedom to be spontaneous and to work easily outdoors. I want to pass on this passion when I am teaching”

Here are a few highlights from Bettina’s Curriculum Vitae:

  2017 - WINTER ART AT THE GROVE, The Grove Music Studios, London, UK
  2016 - XMAS BAZAAR, Lubomirov/Agnus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK
  2016 - ROBOTS LIFT ART, A&D Gallery, London, UK
  2015 - 'LAB451LONDON', PLAY, Camden Image Gallery, London, UK
  2015 - '1000 DRAWINGS', Bookartbookshop, London, UK
  2014 - Publication of article ‘30 Minutes Portraits’,
             ‘Leisure Painter’ Magazine, February issue, UK
  2014 - Audio-Visual Performance with JERICO ORCHESTRA,
             Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK
  2014 - 'HAROLD'S LAST CURATE', Arch 402 Gallery, London, UK
  2013 - Publication of article ‘Colour choices’,
             ‘Leisure Painter’ Magazine, September issue, UK
  2013 - 'FUTURE RELICS', Vibe Gallery, London, UK
  2012 - ‘Watercolours’, A&D Gallery, London, UK
  2012 - Performance RESCUE DRESS and paintings by Joanna Price,
             exhibition Galerie Pamme-Vogelsang, Cologne, Germany
  2011 - ‘Mail Art’, A&D Gallery (w. Zandra Rhodes, Andrew Logan,
             Dan Graham, John Piper, Peter Sylveire, Michèle Noach, et al) London, UK
  2011 - Exhibition 'Internationale Des Monstres' Galerie Espace,
             Montreal, Canada
  2011 - Coombe Farm Studios (w.Sir Peter Blake, et al) Dittisham, Devon, UK
  2011 - OPEN STUDIO event at SPACE STUDIO 29, London, UK
             with Hervé Constant, Miriam Nabarro et al.
  2011 - Publication of article ‘Fresh and Wild’,
             ‘Leisure Painter’ Magazine, March issue, UK
  2010 - Build-Up, Outdoor Collage, Photographers Gallery, London, UK
  2010 - Fundraising show East Stratton Village Hall, Hampshire, UK
  2009 - A&D Gallery 'Representations of Angels' (w. Andrew Logan, Julia
             Warhola, Brett Ewins Peter Sylveiry, et al) London, UK
  2009 - 'The Nomads Tent' Coombe Farm Gallery, Dittisham, Devon, UK
  2009 - 'Baobabs' at Candid Arts Trust, London, UK
  2009 - Rivington Gallery, London, UK
  2008 - Oxyd Gallery, Winterthur, Switzerland
  2008 - Rivington Gallery, London, UK
  2007 - Santa Fe Art Fair, USA
  2005 - Site specific installation "Products by" 3 x 30 meter, Arches,
            Hoxton, London, UK
  2005 - Blue Museum Of Smallish Obsession, London, UK
  2005 - 'arts unwrapped' London Artists' Open Studios in association 
             with Arts Council England
  2005 - 291 Gallery, Live Art (w. P&G Kollectiv Chicks On Speed,
             Anat Ben-David, Cast Off Knitters et al) London, UK
  2004 - Gallery Claudia Hohl (with artists from Cuba and Switzerland)
              Zurich, Switzerland
  2003 - Affordable Arts Fair, A&D Gallery, London, UK
  2003 - A&D Gallery (with Andrew Logan, Duggie Fields and 
              Ben Westwood), London, UK
  1999 - Coombe Farm Gallery (with Paul Riley, Bridget McCrum,
              Jilly Sutton et al), Dittisham, Devon,UK
  1999 - Gallery Terra, Berlin, Germany
  1998 - Lauderdale House Gallery, London, UK
  1997 - Gallery Bilderwelt, Berlin, Germany
  1996 - Gallery Impuls, Glarus, Switzerland
  1996 - Kulturzentrum, Wolfsburg, Germany
  1994 - Crocodile Gallery, London, UK
  1993 - Gallery Impuls, Glarus, Switzerland
  1993 - BUPL Union Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1992 - Die Kleine Weltlaterne, Berlin, Germany

In 2017/2018 Bettina is going to the following locations: in the UK there’s Devon and Scotland, in Italy there’s Cotto, Tuscany and Sicily of course, in Portugal there's the Algarve, and for the more adventurous there’s Morocco.

Your Reviews

"A bit of sparkle in the sun after a long, cold winter!"

"I was really pleased with my work and I’m getting the hang of the techniques at last."

"What a great course! I look forward to joining you next year."

"Wonderful week, both in terms of my learning and also the social side too."

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